About Geert

The Collector

A hobby photographer of the  fantasyworld, going  by the name  of:

The Collector of Moments in time

You can find me  during Larpweekends of groups like Enneade, Ravenskeep and  Omen

And festivals like Castlefest, Elfia and  fantasyfest


The gamer

I’m a rpg and storyplayer going under the  name of  Senseisouls 

playing  the mmorpg : The Elder Scrolls online

Rpg,  storygames like: Horizon Zero Dawn and a Plague tale

Strategygames like:  the Total war Series


The Board and Card Player

Since a couple I’m looking to play  boardgames with  a group called Merlin.

There  I also play:  Magic the Gathering. 



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