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What is pathfinder

Pathfinder is a  roleplaying game.   In 2018  a  owlcat studio  brought  the first  version of pathfinder out  called Kingmaker. 

In 2021 it’s  successor wrath of rightous has  brought out.


The game is a  roll the  dice game,  meaning that all  outcomes during batlles: hitting  , dealling  damage is  determined  by  the  roll  of  a  dice. 

Also for  when  a  check  is  made on  succes  or  failure  the  dice  is  rolled .  RNG is  always  there 

travel  through  the lands , complete  the  quests the way you  think is  good. 



You play this  game controlling a  party of maximal 6 characters.  

You will find  adventurers traveling  together  with  you having their own past and  stories  to tell. 

Who you will take  with you on the journey is to decide, they  all  have  quests  somewhere

You can hire  mercenaries  but it will  cost  a  good part of the coin purse.  they  are lkike your main char. made from  scratch and  setup  how  you want it. 

If  you want  to hire  them , take 1 or 2  and  fill the rest up with companions you  will find on your way. 

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